A Loot At Andrew Rolfe’s Successful Career

During the 10th annual Ubuntu Fund gala dinner, the management of the Fund was hoping to raise $972,960. The organizers of the event posited that they would channel the funds towards the construction of a modern school campus in Port Elizabeth. In addition, they would construct a pediatric clinic within the campus. Moreover, the management would use the additional funding to welcome more disadvantaged children to the institution. The event lasted the entire night. By dawn, they had surpassed their initial target.

Andrew was instrumental in treating the 300 guests to sumptuous meals and music. In attendance was the founder of the Fund, Jacob Lief. In addition, two beneficiaries of the Ubuntu Fund graced the occasion. However, Sinesipho Rabidyani stole the show with her moving speech. Sinesipho explained that while she was young, she did not love going home like the other students. This is because her father had a drinking problem, thus he was abusive. She would always work hard at school. In the end, she performed very well in her examinations. Owing to her impressive performance, she qualified to be one of the Ubuntu Fund’s scholars. To this end, she was provided with mentorship and psychosocial support. Presently, she is studying law at the university. Sinesipho managed to convince her mother to consider moving away from their father.

Jacob posited that he learnt that children needed more resources to grow up. Initially, the executive offered to help Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula to enhance her mission of helping the needy children in Port Elizabeth. They concluded that these children needed more help. It is for this reason that Lief and Banks incorporated Ubuntu Fund in 1999.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew serves as the chairman of the Fund. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy, politics and economics from the revered University of Oxford. In addition, he pursued his master’s degree from Harvard Business School.

Andrew Rolfe has worked for different renowned corporations, including the Gap, PepsiCo and Pret A Manger. The executive has extensive experience in growing retail brands in the international market. He is credited for enhancing these companies’ operations in the global market. Andrew has also worked for WH Smith Plc. and Booker Foodservice.


Enhancing Your Portfolios with Better Financial Literacy from Agora Financial

The investor that is trying to make things better in terms of investing will want to check out the investment world and make the necessary adjustments based their findings from financial literacy. Agora Financial is the company that is helping anyone that may have never thought that they could do it themselves when it comes to building a portfolio.

There are a plethora of investments for people to consider. There is no shortage of investment opportunity in things like stocks, real estate, index funds and mutual funds. The market is filled with opportunities. The problem is that most of the opportunities are things that people do not know anything about. It takes a company like Agora Financial to tap into the background of these companies and analyze the levels of profitability that exist.

The wise investor is going to be able to see that it takes a good amount of research to get beyond the modest investments. There are certainly going to be a lot of people in place to have a say about what stocks are good for investing, but everyone is not going to have a sound ideology on investing. It takes a level of credibility for people to have some trust in any type of financial literacy.

What Agora Financial has managed to do is provide people with a wide assortment of investment knowledge because this company has experience. Agora Financial has consultants in place that predicted the collapse of the housing market. There are investors that are able to avoid investment pitfalls when they get financial publications from Agora Financial. This company plays a great part in helping people find valuable stocks, but it also helps people avoid the not so valuable stocks that are a waste of time. Agora is the company that educates investors.

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Securus Technologies Keeping Our Prison Safe

One of the things that my team of corrections officers is always working to achieve inside our jail is maintaining a certain degree of safety for everyone. Not only are we trying to keep ourselves safe, we have to ensure that inmates, visitors, and other employees of the prison are safe as well. To do this, we are always trying to tighten down security to the point that weapons and drugs can not get from the streets to the inmates.


To keep the entire prison as safe as possible, we start by working in force at the visitor center. This is where we have to put up a strong presence to try and deter the transfer of any contraband. Trouble is that inmates with lengthy sentences don’t care and visitors who love their family will risk jail time to get them anything they want. We even surprise inmates around the clock with inmate cell inspections for anything they should not be carrying.


Securus Technologies installed our inmate call system and trained us how to use the LBS software. This system is able to do the work of most of my team, allowing us to basically be in two places at the same time. Securus Technologies and all 1,000 employees based out of Dallas Texas all work towards one objective, keeping our jail and our world safer.


When we began using the new inmate call monitoring system, we were surprised how efficient and productive it really was. Within hours we got our first hit, an inmate talking about how he was able to get his drugs in the mail without detection. Other inmates talk about who is to bring in drugs and how. Each time the system alerts us to any issues, we have a team there in minutes to shut things down and tighten up the facility.


How Don Ressler Grew an Empire

Most people are able to recognize the JustFab and Fabletics brands relatively easily. They are very popular and most people would even say that they are household names. Because of everything that Don Ressler has done for the companies, they are able to be recognized around the country and even in different countries around the world. This was a part of the goal that he had for his company and it was something that changed the way that he could do more with the opportunities that the had. Don Ressler likes to do everything that he can to make JustFab better than what it was in the past.

The brand that Don Ressler designed was more than just a single company. It is a brand that includes several different companies and is reflective of all of the values that he has for each of the companies. When Don Ressler first started with the companies, he had no intention of them being able to combine together but he wanted to make sure that there was a way to group them all into one category. He did this by developing the TechStyle company brand. This was something that all of the companies could fit into and was reflective of his dedication to both technology and style.

Read more: JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group – Business Insider

Since Don Ressler knew that he wanted to be able to help people no matter what they were going through in their lives, he knew that the company had to be all inclusive. For that reason, Fabletics includes sizes all the way up to 3X. The JustFab brand also includes larger sizes so that every woman will be able to be accommodated by the things that the company has to offer. There are many opportunities that Don Ressler has created because of the fact that he has made TechStyle all inclusive.

As one of the first all-inclusive clothing companies and certainly the first all-inclusive subscription clothing company, Fabletics has been able to grow since they were first introduced into the market on LinkedIn. Don Ressler wanted to make sure that people would be able to do different things and that they could get a lot out of the situations that they were in. He wanted to show people that they could do more and be more if they were just committed to the process in the way that he was. It made sense for Don Ressler to be able to get more out of the situation that he was in.

Learn more about Don Ressler: http://www.fundacity.com/don-ressler/

James Dondero: A Big-hearted Veteran Hedge Fund Manager

In partnership with several philanthropic organizations, James Dondero and his company, Highland Capital Management ended a fifteen-year wait for the opening of a hippo exhibit at the Dallas Zoo. The remarkable feat was achieved after Mr. Dondero and the company he cofounded donated $1 million to finance the reconstruction of the new Simmons Hippo Outpost. The new post has revived the interest in visiting the Dallas Zoo as it allowed the zoo management to bring in two new hippos at the zoo after a 15-year wait. The hippo exhibit became dormant following the 2001 death of the only hippo inhabiting the sanctuary.

The $14 million revival was funded by other charities including Harold Simmons Foundation and the Eugene McDermott Foundation among others. It has already led to a spike in the number of zoo visitors from within and beyond Dallas. It has excellent viewing area and a state-of-art facility that can be rented out with all proceeds ploughed back into managing the area. The huge sum donated by James Dondero is testimony to active participation in various charitable activities and initiatives within Dallas having previously supported Snowball Express, Uplift Education and Education is Freedom Charity among others.

Career and Education Background

Currently serving as the president of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has over three decades of experience working as a hedge fund manager. His successful involvement in the and financial investment industry is founded on a solid academic background having graduated at the University of Virginia – McIntyre School of Commerce with a degree in accounting and finance. After graduating top of his class, he embarked on a successful as a hedge fund manager. In addition to his academic certification, James Dondero also holds a financial analyst designation and a management accountant certification.

James Dondero began his stellar career of salvaging poorly performing portfolios and companies and turning them into financial success at the Morgan Guaranty. He worked at the initiative for a year before becoming a corporate bond analyst at American Express in 1985. By the time he was leaving the company in 1989, he had risen to the position of portfolio manager. In 1989, he joined Protective Life as the chief investment officer and guided it to financial success before leaving in 1993 to cofound Highland Capital Management.

Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Leads in Advertising

For business, branding is an essential element. Branding defines the direction that a product will take in the industry. Branding gives business marketing niche. There are many ways that advertising can raise the profile of business by strengthening the brand. For an individual to have a proper brand presentation, there must be a good brand manager through an advertising agency. That is where Jose Borghi comes in. Jose Borghi is an advertising mogul. He has carved a great name for himself in the advertising industry. Jose’s career currently revolves around advertising in his agency.

Mullen Lowe

One of the best ways to expose a business to the world is through finding a top ranking advertising agency. In Brazil, Mullen Lowe is a leading advertising agency thanks to the brains behind the management. Under the insightful leadership of Jose Borghi, the agency has established a firm client base because of the services it offers. From developing excellent brand names to selling the brand to the consumers, Mullen Lowe strikes out as a force to reckon with in the advertising world. The agency is prominent for providing top notch services that attract clients. With Jose Borghi as the president, Mullen Lowe has always delivered results to higher expectations than the clients. Jose has a unique way of understanding the demands of customers. He relives a customer’s expectations to reality to know more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jose-henrique-borghi#/entity click here.


One element that sets Mullen Lowe apart from the other advertising agencies is Jose’s ability to incorporate different ideas into one segment. Through this incorporation, it is easy to satisfy a client’s needs. Jose Borghi uses a diversified portfolio to meet the demands of a customer. He uses his team to identify the strengths of the brand. Through this identification, it becomes easy to brand the product. Aside from having a key attention to details, he uses foreign talent to bring out new ideas that can be used in branding.

The secrets behind the success of Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent is a successful entrepreneur, and over the past years, he has offered solutions to help individuals solve their asset and broker issues. He schooled at Northeastern University and acquired a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Bruce has profoundly contributed to the growth and success of various financial firms, and through his inventions, he has helped to bring a change in the FDIC insured capital management landscape. Besides, Bruce has also worked in various firms, and he has also ventured in many entrepreneurial ventures, including financial technologies, intellectual property, consumer goods and healthcare financing. He has also served as a member of the entrepreneur’s organization in Manhattan and a chief advisor of the scenic Hudson River.

Bruce encourages investors always to consider their customer’s claims and also put their preferences at the forefront because they are the basis of their firm’s growth. He believes that giving clients the best services according to their preferences maintains them, hence enhancing business operations as well as its growth. He also urges investors always to consider involving their customers in decision-making, either directly or indirectly.

Besides, the successful entrepreneur is very innovative, and through his various successful ventures, he empowers business operators always to try to compose new ideas, and later involve smart and trusted people to bring the ideas to life. He also believes in teamwork and believes that sharing ideas enhances a person’s decision that he is likely to make. Nevertheless, he insists that it is essential for people to listen to their inner self to avoid making bad decisions which may affect their firms negatively.

On the other hand, Bruce views flexibility as the basis of success in a venture as it equips and prepares one to be ready for a change. He believes that the current trends which are ever changing require investors who are willing to try out new things and ventures, as this ensures that their businesses keep growing regardless of the new trends. Moreover, investors who are ready for change do not lose their customers as they always have whatever their clients need.

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Welcome Bruno Fagali for International Law

Bruno Fagali is the proud founding father of the Fagali Advocacy. His advocacy is a public supporter of Law, Compliance, Ethics, Administrative Law, Urban Law, and Regulatory law in Brazil. Bruno Fugali has a good education background. He is Master in Law of the State by Faculty of Law of USP, a specialist in Administrative Law by FGV-Gvlaw and PUC/SP-Cogeae, a Compliance Specialist at FGV-Gvlaw, a Bachelor in Law from PUC/SP, and so forth. Bruno Fagali is widely recognized as a Brazilian attorney specializing in many areas of the law.

Bruno Fagali wrote an article called, “Ethics and Advertising Agencies- Five of the main anti-corruption red flags“. This article is important because he specializes in the advertising law, therefore, he can determine a red flag in the activities of an Agency. He has investigated one of the largest corruption scandals in Brazil so far. Many agencies were violating the Anti-Corruption Act (Law 12,846) in 2013. Bruno Fagali says that once there is a red flag is seen through an agency, they are put through a risk analysis. With the examination, Bruno Fagali can specifically identify these “red flags” and the right action can be taken after it is reviewed. It is not always that the agency will get in trouble, but they need to be monitored more closely because of the “red flags”. With that said, Bruno Fagali must take action and let the agency know about the “red flags” because they will need to fix it. The unethical conduct cannot continue without further changes.

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Boraie Development Partakes In The Social Developments Of The People Of New Jersey

Over the years, the State Theatre in New Jersey has offered free summer series to the surrounding neighborhood to foster better relationships among families and in society. In 2016, the theater announced the reintroduction of the series under the sponsorship of Boraie Development, a real estate firm in New Jersey. State theater’s vice president Ann Marie Gewirtz stated that her team was enthusiastic to begin the series again. She added that the theater has always had the commitment to offer affordable movie tickets to attendees and develop a better social environment in the region by running a full year Community Access Initiative that supports the showcasing of free movies. She explained that Boraie’s initiative was in line with their mission and would increase the number of people who gain access to the services up to 7500 in the summer of 2016.

The vice president of the firm Boraie Development Hiam Boraie, expressed his firm’s pride in the series showcasing and remarked that it was an excellent opportunity to give back to the region’s families and young community. The State Theatre would put in use the funding donations provided by Boraie development and the Provident Bank organization to showcase the movies Frozen, Extra-terrestrial, Despicable Me, Babe, Monsters University and Aladdin. The films were set to air between July 12th and August 16th between 1030 hours and 1900 hours. The State Theatre is a historic New Jersey attraction site that began operating in 1921 and is currently the best platform for live performances.

According to Fundacity, the executive officer of the Provident Bank Foundation stated that the organization was happy to be part of such a social movement that would promote familial relations. State theater planned to utilize a state of the art high definition cinema projection system that has a 46-inch screen, a Barco projector, and refined surround sound. The audience would enjoy the view from the balcony or downstairs.

Boraie Development is a renowned real estate development company in New Jersey that puts out quality modern structures. The firm teams up with legendary financial institutions to ensure that all their projects meet the set architectural standard. In 2013, Omar Boraie made a name for erecting a residential and commercial project that was donated to the people of Newark. The project was a sponsorship of Shaquille O’Neal, who stated revealed that his aim was to provide affordable and high-end housing to the people as a way of giving back. The $60 million building includes hops, residential spaces, and a movie theater. Boraie Development stated that they were enthralled to be part of the project and have a new mission to enact new real estate in the much ignored Newark area. You can visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

Click here: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/06/22/boraie-development-new-jerseys-most-sought-after-residences/ s

Michael Lacey And Jim Larkin Human Rights Defence In Arizona

Amnesty International is a global non-governmental organization whose primary objective is to demand the human rights of people. Founded in 1961 by Peter Benenson the group has set on finding facts on rights either abused or denied and exposing them.The group has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom and has almost seven million members.

Supporters all over the world of Amnesty International have organized several rallies that aim at helping people through coercing governments and other individuals to uphold rights of all human race. Over the years, Amnesty International has succeeded in freeing people who have been wrongfully imprisoned and have also swayed the changing of certain laws in various countries that have interfered with human rights negatively.

The organization has received the Nobel Peace Price to acknowledge its world. In an attempt to accomplish its purpose the organization follows three existing program approaches in its try to advocate for human rights. These include research, mobilization, and advocacy.

The research includes teams and researchers who go to the affected areas to uncover abuse of human rights. They later note down the pattern in which the abuse is taking place. Mobilization involves campaign teams using the research that has been discovered to enlighten the public on human rights.

The activists, from the low ranked ones, are given all the necessary tools required to demand human rights protection. Advocacy entails the volunteers and the staff, and the concerned policymakers engage in the process of intervention with an agenda to require the protection of human rights whether in the United Sates or any part of the world. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is a fund that was set up by two reporters, Micheal and Jim, who were wrongfully imprisoned after a grand jury proceeding.

The fund was established to finance a migrant rights organization in Arizona and has its offices in Phoenix. This non-profit organization has dedicated to keeping the community of Arizona safe following the justice system of the state.

The state of Arizona since has the largest prison population in America. The group has established job training, support groups and community service to assist the prisoners. The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has organized meetings in Phoenix where people can give ideas on how to keep their society safe.

The two reporters, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, were arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio on 18th August 2007 in the middle of the night in their homes. The two co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Voice Media jailed after a revelation that their notes sought articles concerning the Sherrif decided to sue.

The reporters who had dedicated their careers to defending the first amendment rights sued and prevailed the county in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin received a settlement amounting to $3.75 million which they used to set the fund that has been devoted to support and defend all groups advocating for civil, human and migrant rights inclusive of freedom of speech and civil participation in the jurisdiction of Arizona and the Mexican border.