Don Ressler And Fabletics Changes Athletic Wear

A lot of change has come to active wear. It was only a few years ago that active wear was only reserved for physical activity. However, there has been such a change brought to the category of athletic clothing that people could wear sports clothing to business events and even the work place. Fabletics at is one of the leading forces behind a new type of clothing called athleisure. Athleisure as a clothing category has become so popular that is has become more than a trend. Now, people are able to find clothing that they like which is good for multiple occasions besides working out.

With Fabletics of Don Ressler and kate Hudson, fitness has become a very fashionable and stylish idea to the point that people can now wear these clothes anywhere and still look amazing. Even the corporate office is encouraging the wearing of athleisure clothing according to Don Ressler. For one thing, the changing world has almost necessitated the combining of a workout with a work day. Now, there are plenty of interesting activities that are taking place such as sweat working. With the fast paced business world leaving little room for people to get a work out, it was only a matter of time before people started finding a new way to get their exercise. Athleisure clothing from companies like Fabletics is one of the symbols of the changing world.

Don Ressler has made this possible because of his passion for fitness, which is a passion he shares with his wife, Ginger. He has definitely understood the need for the right type of clothes. He has also seen that the clothes that were designed for fitness were very limited when it came to options. There was a lack of creativity and imagination when it came to the designs. Women were stuck with the boring and boxy looking clothes which looked very uninspired. Don Ressler has decided that there is a need for a change.

Fabletics has turned out to be such a hit that it has expanded in many different ways, including opening a retail store and a men’s line. With Don’s passion for fashion, Ressler has partnered with many others including Kimora Lee Simmons, and Kate Hudson in order to bring his vision to life.

ClassDojo makes it Easier for Teachers and Parents to Stay Connected

Remember those pesky parent teacher meetings that happen once a semester when you were still just an adolescent in grade school? Everyone has experienced these meetings at least once or twice in their life. Now you’re a parent with an adolescent and these events are really cutting into your schedule. You may be finding it hard to attend these meetings and receive information about your child’s performance in school. What if told that these kinds of meetings are on the verge of extinction? That there was an app in the works with the goal of making parent teacher meetings obsolete. Would you be interested?

ClassDojo has invested over $20 million in a tech venture that will make communication between teachers and the parents of students more consistent, so that it’s much easier for parents to keep up with their child’s activities, social and behavioral development at school. The app will even allow teachers and parents to communicate throughout the school day.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, co founders of ClassDojo, have confirmed the app surpassed the Series B round in late 2015. According to the company’s cofounders the company is still in the act of figuring out what kind of content and features will be the most helpful to parents and teachers.

ClassDojo was founded on the basis of creating free, and easy to use technology that would help connect teachers, parents, and students, forming a culture and community. This was a relatively new idea at the time, because most tech companies were more focused on creating digital curriculum, grade books, and testing platforms. Even though ClassDojo is a revolutionary company, companies like Remind, FreshGrade, Nearpod, Kickboard and others serve as more than worthy competition.

These days ClassDojo is reportedly used in 85,000 schools by teachers in the United States. Most teachers who use the app teach kindergarten through 8th grade classes. Even though the startup hasn’t generated revenue yet, the company is optimistic in their task of distributing its app to more teachers and parents.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The company is a 25 employee startup based in San Francisco. The startup has raised $31 million in venture funding to date. ClassDojo creates a positive culture within school classrooms.

How Can A Company Get Back On Track With Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management might be the most important thing that a company purchases when they are operating online, but they need to make sure that they have someone who can help them when problems come up. Online reputation crises can be pretty bad, but they will actually get a lot better when Status Labs has been hired. Status Labs is run by Darius Fisher with a great plan for helping clients, and he makes sure that people have exactly what they need no matter what it is.

The crisis that comes up is going to be something that taints how the company is seen, and the reputation can be so tainted that that is all people see when they are reading online . Someone who only sees bad things online needs to have a chance to read something better, and the company has to start replacing bad things with something that looks better. The reaction to a crisis is all in the hands of Status Labs, and it is done well every time.

Someone who is trying to make sure that they can get their reputation back has to have a real talk with Status Labs about what they want to do, and Status Labs will take all that information for use with their writing and press releases. It is something that people need to be very proactive about, and they have to think about what is going to help them look their best no matter what happened to them.

It is very easy for people to get a better reputations when they come to Status Labs. This is a great company that is going to help people with help from their leader in Darius Fisher. It is very easy for people to look better, and readers will learn something new about the client.

For employment information on Status Labs, visit them on

Keith Mann Supports the Police Force

Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamic Search Partners, a company that is based in New York City. Keith Mann is an expert in the executive search industry. He has worked in the industry for almost two decades, and he has a lot of experience in staffing, hedge fund compensation and hiring strategies. He has managed to recruit staff for various international financial companies.

Not long ago, Keith showed his support for NYPD. This was in response to the violence and protests that are currently surrounding the force. Together with his wife, Keith Mann supported the police force by providing lunch to boost the morale of the department.
It is believed that Keith has a personal and special connection to the police in New York City. One of his uncles is actually a detective in the Staten Island. There was a peaceful protest that was planned by the public, and the police officers are blamed for attacking them protestors. These remarks against the police force have fallen close to Keith Mann.

Keith had to look for a way to support the officers. In January, Keith sent the officers some lunch. He remembered that his single action could have been noticed, and he decided to send them again in February. According to him, the police officers deserved to be appreciated and thanked because of their services to the community. Keith Mann believes that attacking the force just because they were trying to ensure that everyone is safe is not the right thing to do. He urges the community to understand the police are normal human beings with families just like everyone else.

Police offices in the country are given special trainings so that they can understand how to deal with different situations while at work. A normal civilian cannot be able to handle these challenges. Keith wants to ensure that families of the officers are not hurt in any way because of the actions being taken by the civilians to the department. It is not a wise decision to raise violence on the police. Instead, the citizens should only be helping the offices in their work.

Lovaganza Will Be Wowing Its Spectators In 2020

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

The Lovaganza organization is on a mission to change the world. This is not just lip-service for the group. Their goals for feeding, clothing and housing every child in need worldwide is coming closer to fruition as the months and years creep past. They plan to do so by raising funds with their amazing performances and films which are one of a kind experiences.

Very much like the World’s Fair from the past, the experience is meant to inspire people to greatness. The fantastic show of spectacle will be taking place in 2020 on Instagram, in eight locations around the world. All eight performances will happen at once. Bits and pieces from almost every culture you can think of will be on display in wonderful fashion. Never before has there been a show of this magnitude and scope.

The feel of Lovaganza going for is one of a Bohemian adventure across many nations. The common thread being woven is the humanity of every culture and people of the planet we share. The original launch date was set for 2015, but the organization chose to delay this date in order to maximize the latest technology incorporated into the show. The amount of fine tuning going into their efforts is sure to dazzle onlookers.

Read more: Lovaganza Officially Announces Dates for its Highly Anticipated Global Celebration

They’ll be heavily promoting the celebration starting in 2017, with their traveling show. With this show, Lovaganza be setting the tone for what to expect from the experience as well as giving spectators a look at their new 3D movie technology that is sure to impress. The movies don’t require any glasses, making them all the more impressive to witness. They will be showing a trilogy of films in many locations on their Immerscope screens. These screens are key to making the tech work fantastically.

Lovaganza is a group set on the idea of helping the masses who need it most. This is especially true when it comes to children and families in poverty stricken areas. The very impetus of the organization is to provide food shelter and basic comforts to all in need, not just a select few.

By putting on these fantastic shows they’ll be able to raise the funding to make this tangible . The goal of creating the “mother of all foundations” is ever closer to becoming a reality with each passing day. The year 2020 can’t get here soon enough.

The Importance of Online Reputation Management to Hotels

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is extremely important for all businesses, but especially those related to travel and hospitality. The vast majority of vacations, long-distance travel and other situations where the hospitality industry is concerned are premeditated–unlike other industries there is a relatively low occurrence of impulse purchases. According to the website Online Reputation Reviews, customers are more likely to do thorough research prior to making a purchase, in which case negative press and bad reviews are far more likely to sway their opinion.
There are two major forms of ORM when it comes to hotels–managing and optimizing reviews on travel sites like google and tripadvisor, and making sure that articles about your hotel on both local and national news sites are positive–but this article will focus mainly on revies, since they are both more plentiful and more likely to be seen by perspective customers. According to an article on Hospitality Net, there are many advantages to active ORM in regards to customer reviews and public reputation.

Some of these advantages are obvious, but there are some that may not immediately jump out to you if you aren’t yourself active online. Paying attention to your online reputation helps to inform you of the sorts of things that are actually important to your customers–the things that they are focusing on in there reviews are also the things that you should be focusing on to improve your reputation with the public–and therefore to tailor your operations to your customer base. ORM also allows you to keep an eye on the habits of your customers, knowing how and where they talk about your business allows you to target others in those areas. ORM also allows you to keep an eye on your competition, see how they may be mentioned in your reviews and what factors give them an advantage in the online world.

Why are all of these things important, though? Well, beyond helping you to attract customers more effectively, a positive, tailored experience will also allow a business to charge more for their services without being seen as overcharging the customers. ORM will not only allow a business to attract more customers, but it can help to increase the perceived value of your services.



Mr. Brian Bonar is not a man who plays around…especially not when it comes to the area of finance, which is his primary bread and butter, his reason for getting up and putting on the suit every morning, his exemplary area of expertise. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Finances are what drive this man, what mold this man, and what carry this man and his company through numerous successes on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis! Finance: he lives it. He breathes it. He IS it.

First of all, who is this exceptional and unique man of greatness? I will tell you! He is none than the Chairman and Corporate Executive Officer—or CEO—of Dalrada Financial Corporation….a company which is known for excelling in true financial achievements and unique accomplishments. Mr. Bonar is, in this great organization, both ‘large and in charge’!

Speokeo, an online source of news and journal/article content, is not oblivious to this information and knows it well. In fact, just six years ago from today—on the twenty first of July of 2010, an article by this particular company was published online.

The article was in honor of Mr. Brian Bonar and of his achievement, hard work, dedication, and well earned recognition.

It is true after all, folks….you do in fact reap what you sow. This was the case with Mr. Bonar, who has received the “Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year” award in 2010, in the special area of finance. This is considered a highest of high honors.

Mr. Brian Bonar was proud, and continues to work hard since then, only perfecting his craft and game all the more…giving the company and employees a reason to push forward and to be no less the best of the very best of the very best indeed!

It appears that Mr. Brian Bonar did not just magically arrive at his place of high honor and achievement overnight….oh no! Mr. Bonar has been a financial expert and employee himself for slightly over thirty years, and he has been with Dalrada Financial Corporation for over fifteen years in his current position as Chairman and CEO.

This is something to brag about! It speaks of Mr. Bonar’s continued loyalty, perseverance, support, and overall team spirit! What a source of motivation, folks! What a team player who does not give up! That is Mr. Bonar!

I bet this information has piqued your interest and whet your appetite just a bit….but are you not hungry for more? Do you want to know a bit more about this man by following the link and reading the full article for yourself, as well as researching Mr. Bonar and Dalrada Financial Corporation? Of course you do! Who would not want to?

Great Achievements of Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike has been a great inspiration to most of the youths all over the world. He has been offering the best services in ICT, investments and many more. For almost 20 years, Mike has been working with private Swiss Banks and was able to make his way from commercial trainee to a member of the executive board in a large Private Swiss Bank. When he was 39 in the year 2014, Mike and his two partners came together and founded the well-known Swiss Start up Factory. It is the leading factory in Switzerland which is independently financed ICT Accelerator.

More about the Swiss Start Up Factory

The factory was founded by Mike Baur together with other two partners back in the year 2014. They have networks all over the world and this enables them to meet all the different needs of their clients. Their main aim is to provide a wide range of services to the Zurich and allow different connections with the rest of the globe. They also thrive to achieve their goals by providing entrepreneurial network which allows them to meet their target as well as their customers’ expectations.

By ensuring they have the best and most experienced workers, the Swiss Start up Factory is able to come up with the perfect ideas on how to provide the world with the best services. Experience is the key to any successful entrepreneur and all the workers in this factory are trained. The factory is able to offer services such as financing, coaching, office space and mentoring to startups. This will help them grow and develop for three months with the help of the best accelerator program.

The CTI Invest for Swiss Start Up

The CTI Invest is the leading platform in financing for the Swiss Startups. it has over one hundred investors and is in the process of organizing events such as networking, match making and also educational events. It has also published its 7th edition in Swiss Venture Guide and also supported private associations for 10 years. Together with the Swiss Startup Factory, the CTI will work closely together to ensure they further develop and grow Swiss Startup Ecosystem.


Mike Baur has shown the world an entrepreneurial spirit of working together with other organizations that share common interests. The Swiss Startup Factory has also helped young investors develop by providing them with the best advice on how to grow their business. By joining hands with other companies, they will be able to offer training to start-ups and experience a wide network of opportunities.

Susan McGalla’s Repeated Rise To The Top

Women exude a sense that they can be trusted, and perhaps that stems from a maternal essence, or some other mysterious place, but wherever it comes from, it serves them well in the boardroom. All the talk of unequal pay and women disproportionately not being represented in the hierarchy of corporate America is becoming a thing of the past. Women are rising, in record numbers, into positions of greater and greater authority nowadays. Pay is equaling out, and women are having greater satisfaction in their roles in companies, both big and small. Source:

One of the women who is making great strides as a leader, and who has even risen to the top of the ranks in a major National Football League organization, is that of Susan McGalla. Ms. McGalla has also been able to rise up through the ranks in the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, rising to the rank of Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. It is one thing to be a woman, and to be getting better jobs in corporate America, but a woman that can rise to the top of a football organization is someone who has something special. Susan McGalla must have fought hard and earned the trust of the Steelers organization, because otherwise she would not have the title she currently holds.

Prior to starting her own executive consulting firm in Pittsburgh, called P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, she had much success in her numerous years in clothing and in retail. She put all of her experience earned from previous positions, and applied all of that to starting her own firm. Back in the 80s, Susan McGallaworked for Joseph Horne, and then she would make a move to American Eagle Outfitters in the mid-90s. It was during her time with American Eagle that she really began to shine, eventually earning the title of President and Chief Merchandising Officer. This was some twenty years ago when issues of women rising to upper echelons of companies was an even harder, and daunting, task.

While at American Eagle, Ms. McGalla also held other titles including President and CMO for the entire brand. Eventually she would move on to greater challenges, mainly being a consultant for the financial and retail industries, but she really established herself during her time at American Eagle. It was there that Susan McGalla learned enough about that industry to be able to privately consult thereafter. She would eventually take a position of CEO at Wet Seal, but back to consulting she would go, leading her to start her own firm. Susan McGalla has had an illustrious career, and it is easy to figure out how she got to where she is today based on the positions-of-power she has been in for nearly 30 years.

NutriMost: Providing Slimming Options To People Everywhere

NutriMost: A Fight For Justice

A company that focuses on the losing of weight for their clients, named NutriMost, has filed a lawsuit against their rivaling company Healthy Living for apparently plagiarizing their video that shows their services and allows future clients to see what their company is all about and how customers have already lost weight with them. Plagiarizing is a method of violating the Copyright Laws set up in the United States, in which one person or company cannot use another source’s work without referencing it and stating where they got their source of information, and is quite unethical, and can also lead to legal consequences.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Healthy Living has done just that. They took the video and changed it so that it seemed that it was their own, removing almost all references to NutriMost. However, they left some things in that is sealing their fate. In the video, they failed to remove the customer feedback for NutriMost as well as a message from their top testimonial from Dr. Ray Wisniewski of Philadelphia. Both of these videos had his statement in them, clear evidence that Healthy Living ripped their video from NutriMost. The alleged plagiarizing company had the “edited” video up all of the month of September, even after they received a letter warning them to halt their illegal activity. A shortened version of the video was posted as a supposed fix to their situation, which was clearly not going to work.

The video has since been removed and NutriMost is demanding an over $300,000 compensation for the violation of their rights, and with good reason as the company suffered a loss of reputation at the stealing of their video.

NutriMost: Their Founding And Key Figures

Dr. Ray Wisniewski founded NutriMost to help customers get the most out of their lives, and has helped to invent many body scans that assist clients with getting their bodies to the most desired health that they could possibly achieve. Dr. Wisniewski graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and Palmer Chiropractic University, and has been in the field of natural sciences of chiropractics since 1983. He has been at it for a long time, and clearly knows what he is talking about when he suggests what clients can do to become very healthy.

Another key figure of NutriMost is Dr. Rob Vasquez, the leader of the NutriMost branch in San Antonio, Texas, and started as a customer himself of the weight loss company. He is one of the leaders in the chiropractics world in the northern area of Texas. He has been a chiropractor for over 16 years, and has helped many families help live healthier lives. He is able to offer his services with NutriMost under his Pastoral Medical License. As a Christian, he uses his belief in God to help his clients through the NutriMost program, which helps clients eat more healthy foods, and lose some weight in the meantime.

Find their resources here: