Brad Reifler Talks about Investments

Just the other day, Brad Reifler had the opportunity to talk about the movie called the Money Monster and how it relates to modern investors. He warns against being unprepared for the pitfalls that investors experience yet they would have avoided the disaster. The best way to avoid making losses as an investor is trying to understand the common pitfalls. According to Brad Reifler, there are two types of investors: those funded by the government capital and are at will to invest in commodity funds, public funds and hedge funds and the other investors are the ones that have been prohibited by the government to make investments in the above-mentioned investments. Those backed by the government make one percent of the investors we have while the others form the 99 percent of investors.

In the same interview, Reifler talked about the issues that upcoming investors should be aware of. The first tip requires all upcoming investors to be very careful when investing in the stock market. Instead, they should ensure that their money is safe with whichever investment they decide to invest in. Brad Reifler asks the new investors to know the kind of fund managers they are dealing with as the baseline is getting to trust whoever is making investments on your behalf. Lastly, Brad Reifler advises the young investor to understand why she/she is making the investment. It’s important for you to have some objectives. If the investment is making you money, you can pump more money into the investment.

Brad Reifler has learned the hard way who this 99 percent of investors are. Brad says that there was a time he had made some savings for daughters to go to college in such a fund. When the time came to get his money back, there were no savings, and he ended looking for money using other means. Brad Reifler says that he acquired his money from his father in law when he retired and he realized that there are limited opportunities when it comes to investing.

Brad Reifler is one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in the United States of America. Currently, he serves as the chief executive officer of a company called Forefront Capital.

Why Tidal is finding Success

The music streaming business can make a lot of money if it is run well. There are already people and companies that are making billions from the music streaming business. However, it is important that if you are the owner of the firm to be serious and always ensure that you are running your business with hard work and diligent. At the same time if you do not utilize the available resources properly you can find the company collapsing which can be a huge drawback since you have to invest a lot of money in the enterprise. Previously, a company called Tidal was sinking because it lacked the right leadership. In business, there have to be strong leaders who know what they are doing and who are ready to lead the company to its destination.  Click this related site.


Tidal is now becoming a household name concerning music streaming because of taking the right action and the right leadership. It is now slowly climbing the ladder, and soon it will be making headlines because of the excellent services that it is offering. Desiree knows the way for Tidal. He knows that the company needs to have the required number of clients so that it can forge forward and look for great things on the way. Jay-Z had tried many ways to resurrect Tidal which was going down. It is now the time he got it right when he decided to work with Desire Perez.   Based on

Who is Desiree Perez?


Des, as she is popularly known, is a smart woman who prides herself for achieving many things in her life. She is talented regarding the running of businesses, and she is the best leader a company can ever get. Under her instructions, Jay-Z has benefited a lot and even landed many deals which she has presided over. She is also proud of having helped many other people who are working to upgrade their music.

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Jeffry Schneider; the brains behind Ascendant Capital, LLC

For an individual to be able to govern a business and excel in any industry, he/she needs to have experience. Through having experience, an individual can monitor the market and know what to do and what not to do. Having more than twenty years of experience, Jeffry Schneider has managed to make a name for himself in the investment industry. He is behind the creation of Ascendant Capital, LLC which is an emerging investment firm located in Austin, Texas.

The firm has been able to employ a unique approach with regards to private equity enabling it to work with mature companies that generate income and boost small debt. With the presence of the various range of innovative approach regarding financial structuring, education, sales and operational services, Ascendant can raise funds for emerging alternative and established sponsors.

This is achieved through working with broker- dealers, private banks, investment advisors and family offices. By working together, both public and private offerings are distributed across the globe making a name for itself.

The firm has rapidly developed over the period of five years with the help of Jeffry Schneider. Within that period of time, the firm had already employed more than thirty employees and raised around a billion dollars on behalf of various managers. Working with his team of broker-dealers, family officers, and investment advisors, Schneider the firm was able to establish a force within the investment industry.

The capital raised in most instances is used to purchase auto dealership, real estate, tech companies among many other assets. According to Jeffry, he acknowledged the success of firm coming from the family-like and open environment together with the culture he and his working team have created.

Before forming Ascendant Capital, Jeffry worked at in various financial firms such as Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch. He also had the opportunity of holding various senior positions at Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. He was also once a student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Jeffry enjoys staying fit and eating healthy. He is a man who has participated in various marathons and what he loves most is exploring the world.

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Bruce’s Group Sue New Hampshire Insurance Company

Bruce Levenson is a well-known and successful entrepreneur. Bruce achieved his political science degree from Washington University. Also, he is a graduate from American University’s law school. Bruce started his career at the Washington Star. Also, he worked as a reporter for Observer Publishing, an energy newsletter. Bruce Levenson’s expertise and passion for entrepreneurship led to the establishment of United Communications Group (UCG). The company was established in partnership with Mr. Ed Peskowitz.

UCG is a firm which operates in more focused and directed business universe. The main company’s objective is to assist their customers increase profits, reduce risks, and drive efficiencies through critical guidance and solutions that they offer. To deliver their services, the company carries out trade show, online training news services, special reports not forgetting the white papers which spell out business opportunities in the dynamic market. The company boasts having the best staff that is in a position to gather and analyze the complex business market.

Bruce’s expertise has seen him serve on various boards of specialized information industry such as the DC, Community Foundation of Washington, Hope Dreams Foundation not forgetting his role as a president for the “I Have A Dream” Foundation in Washington. Also, he served as a director at the publicly traded TechTarget; a company started inside UCG. Bruce is also the owner of Atlanta Spirit. Additionally, Bruce is the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. See,


Some time back, Bruce hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to sell the Hawks and operating rights to Philips Arena. About one year later, Bruce’s group is now suing the former Hawk’s insurance company over settlement claims made by Hawk’s former general manager, Danny Ferry. The former Hawks Ownership Group believes that the insurance company breached the contract by failing to cover losses related to Ferry’s employment termination.

The lawsuit states the insurance company refused to acknowledge the claim. Therefore, it demands an additional 50% penalty of the unpaid loss and attorney’s fees and costs. The current Hawks Ownership Group spokesperson said in an interview that they are aware of the complaint. However, the involved parties have are no longer related to the group hence they cannot make any comment concerning the lawsuit. To learn more, visit


Eric Lefkofsky- A Life of Business and Philanthropy

Eric Lefkofsky is a very well-known and successful American entrepreneur. Lefkofsky started out as a carpet salesman during his freshman year of college at the University of Michigan where he studied law. Following law school, he took out a loan to establish an apparel company with his long-time business associate, Bradley Keywell. The company itself did not prosper and in 1999, the partners founded a new company called Starbelly. His path soon lead to the creation, buying and selling of multiple companies.  See


With so much real-world experience under his belt, he eventually came to co-found some big name companies including Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank, Mediaocean, and InnerWorkings. Another company he can claim is Tempus, of which he is not only co-founder, but CEO as well. To know more hit has its roots based in technology and is working to build the largest library of molecular and clinical data available on a global level in order to support innovative studies in Cancer. The company is also building a system that would make the information easily accessible so that anyone can benefit from, and make use of, its data.


This library would allow doctors to reference past clinical data in order to make the best decisions for their patients in real-time situations. The interactive and analytical platform model gives physicians the ability to personalize care for each patient on a level never known before.  Check


Eric Lefkofsky’s drive however, does not end with his passion in business. He is also a known philanthropist. In 2006, he and his wife, Liz, established “The Lefkofsky Family Foundation.” Their foundation is a private charitable foundation that promotes initiatives and programs that enhance the quality of human life. Some of the ideals they strive to maintain are: To drive state-of-the-art medical research, Guarantee access to a quality education, Grow cultural initiatives, and to improve overall essential human rights. While most of the funding Lefkofsky provides to charity is primarily focused on his hometown of Chicago, his foundation states it supports organizations and causes on a world-wide scope.

Wen Makes Healthy Hair Easy

If you have been struggling to find hair care products that make your hair healthy and manageable then you are not alone. Most people struggle to find products that will continue to give the results that they are after. The reason that finding and sticking with great hair care depends on a variety of points. Some products end up leaving heavy build-up over time that weighs the hair down. Still, others contain chemicals and additives that strip hair of its natural oils and leave the cuticle ragged and vulnerable to breakage. If you have been struggling to find a great hair care product that cleans and leave hair looking shiny and manageable then you should try WEN hair by Chaz Dean.

Wen is a combination of rich natural ingredients including botanicals. Chaz Dean ( knew that he needed to make Wen from ingredients that would leave the hair clean and fresh without stripping all of the natural oils. Simply apply a generous amount of Wen and work through wet hair and then rinse out. You will be left with hair that is in the best shape of its life.

Once celebrities began using Wen the popularity of the product exploded. Fans began to notice the dramatic difference in the health of their hair. People everywhere began to buy Wen and it became a huge success. You can now find Wen in all of the major retail stores like Sephora and salons all over the country. Wen is giving people results that they have never been able to achieve with other products. Thanks to Chaz Dean, everyone can have healthy and manageable hair that they can be proud of.

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Why Ascendant Capital Attributes its Success to Jeffrey Schneider

Jeffrey Schneider is the CEO and founder of Ascendant Capital LLC. His expertise lies in sales, marketing, and operational services. Schneider is also versed in innovative financial structuring. He uses this knowledge to help Ascendant Capital in raising funds for emerging and established hedge fund investors. The company was founded to serve clients who seek alternative investment services. It is also affiliated with diverse broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, and family offices across the globe.


Career Background


Prior to establishing Ascendant Capital, Schneider held executive positions in several financial institutions. These include Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, Alex Brown, Axiom Capital Management, and Paradigm Global Advisors. Besides work, Schneider is passionate about sports. He took part in several marathons for charity and physical fitness. Schneider also enjoys traveling across the globe. Throughout his professional career, he toured Asia, South America, and Europe.


As a philanthropist, he has worked with non-profit institutions such as Wonders and Worries, the Gazelle Foundation, and Cherokee Home for Children. His philanthropic endeavors target the community. He helped in construction and development of Cherokee Home for Children.


Ascendant’s Growth


Under Schneider’s leadership, Ascendant Capital has recorded tremendous growth in a timeframe of five years. The company began its operations with an employee base of two individuals. Ascendant currently boasts an employee base of over thirty professionals. With respect to revenue generation, the company has amassed about $1 billion. As the CEO,Jeffry Schneider advises other members of Ascendant’s leadership team to be creative thinkers. He works with them in ensuring that the company generates more than $50 million every month.


Besides its competent leadership and professional team, Ascendant Capital also boasts a partner base of 250 investment advisors and 50 broker-dealers. The profits generated by the firm have been used in purchasing auto dealerships, tech companies, and real estate developments. According to Schneider, alternative investments reduce volatility and increase holdings. Schneider also believes that the alternative investment sector is capable of growing in the future. He urges investors to spend their money wisely in this industry for profitability and productivity.


Ascendant’s Mission


Ascendant Capital attributes its success to its business culture. The company’s professional team usually relies on trust and open dialogue during strategic planning. The team is also focused on transparency when serving clients. Schneider is the pioneer of transparency in Ascendant Capital. He ensures that his employees focus on the interests of investors irrespective of their investment approaches.

The Secret behind Fabletics Success

As of today, Amazon is the leading shareholder in the fashion e- commerce market with a 20 percent share. Succeeding in this kind of market is no easy task. However, Kate Hudson, one of the co-founders of Fabletics has been able to steer the company to fortunes amid the competition. The enterprise has grown to attain a net worth of 250 million dollars in a span of three years. The question begging for an answer is, how does she do it? Well, it is none other than the sale mechanics the company employs. Fabletics have created a platform where customers can subscribe to their sales online. Additionally, Fabletics provides brands that are aspiring and that push the individuals a little. Combining the brand with the availability and subscription gives the company an irresistible combination. Over the years, high-value brands have been defined by the price and quality of their products. However, with the change in the economics, the combination no longer proves to be effective. Today, the market is hungering for a better customer service, unique designs, and last mile services. Together, these three elements determine what high value means to the modern consumer.


With the current exponential growth, the company intends to open more stores in several other physical locations. Adding to the already existing stores in Hawaii and California just to mention but a few will increase customer’s accessibility to their brands. When asked the secret towards this growth, Gregg Throgmartin, the general manager of Fabletics said that it was redefining the meaning of high value. Gregg stated that the membership platform allowed the company to give a personalized experience to the customers. According to him, it is easier to meet a client need and keep them happy when you have an idea of what they need.


Among the three ways in which Fabletics do to achieve success is the Reverse Showrooming. Unlike competitors who use the showrooming technique where customers are likely to browse offline and shop elsewhere, Fabletics have reversed the model to achieve a better reception. They have turned online browsing to their advantage. Through this method, they have built strong relationships with their customers. The reverse showrooming technique has worked as 30-50 percent of customers visiting their stores are members. 25 percent of the customers subscribe during the visits. The store from which a customer gets his products is however just an element of service from the company.


Fabletics is a ladies sportswear retail company. It was founded by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. However, Kate is the face of the enterprise. The brand was established in 2013 and strives to inspire women to stay active. Through their online platform, the company brings new styles and designs to their customers on a monthly basis. In 2014, the company ventured into the Europe market by opening stores in the United Kingdom. By the end of 2015, Fabletics had made over one million shipping orders. In June 2015, the company launched the men’s line as they sought to penetrate Spain and Netherlands.

Talk Fusion Is Going To Be Even Better in 2017

It might be hard to believe, but it is true: 2017 is going to be even better for Talk Fusion. That is not to say they are doing anything wrong right now or they are not operating at a high level because they are doing everything the right way. They have many people that use the video communications provider, and they are very, very happy with it. They have seen the results and they have seen how it has transformed their lives. They have also seen how it has transformed the lives of other people as well. Everyone is raving about it and saying how they never thought they could be happier.


That is a huge reason why they have won two awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation. That is a huge honor and they are incredibly proud of it, to say the least. It has been because of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to the craft. Their recent award was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award, which means a lot to them. They work very, very hard on that, and they want their customers to be satisfied with the product. They listen very closely to their customers and they value their feedback.


That is how a company stays afloat and keeps growing. The worst thing that a company could do to its customers is become content and stay settled. They need to have the same work ethic they had when the product was first created. That is what Bob Reina and every single person at Talk Fusion has done. Bob was quick to thank the IT team. They have worked very, very hard to improve it and make it as user-friendly as possible. It is truly a team effort and everyone pitches in and does their part.


It is a great working environment for many people as they get the chance to give Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. It is all about doing what someone loves and they love what they are doing which is why they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation.



Financial Expert Brad Reifler Explains The Truth Surrounding The New Film “Money Monster”

Brad Reifler is a business entity based in the United States. Brad Reifler has always worked to have the answer to the question of how to make more money from all the money you have in your pocket. According to him, the answer is just simple in his investment plans and portfolio of the Forefront Capital Company. For a long time, people have thought that the high-class individuals have kept the secret to having all the money in the world in society. However, denies that the myth is inexistent. According to him, he has worked with the company to have the gap between the rich and the poor closed using his endeavour at the Forefront Capital Management Company.

The Forefront Income Trust is the answer to this question. Forefront Income trust, unlike all other investment trusts, has all to cater for all those who are not accredited as investors in the United Sates. These are the people who account for those who are accredited as investors because they do business with them. For more than one decade, Brad Reifler has had his focus on the elite accredited investors’ business class to offer his services in financial matters. According to the United States law, an accredited investor is one of the people with more than $1 million in net worth without counting the value of their home. Moreover, an investor has to earn more than $200,000 annually as net income. According to him, he has started to have everything shifted as the main issues where they work with non-accredited investors to have them take a share of investment plans in the region before they become accredited investors. This is an exclusive design of investment opportunities where they come together and form a trust which qualifies the group as an investment.

According to Brad Reifler, over 40 percent of the middle-class income in the United States has less than $6,000 in savings. Through their exceptional income opportunities in the United States, hey will have their investment criteria focused on the advertisement opportunities. More than 99 percent of the people in the country are overlooked non-accredited investors are not considered in any financial institution.