ClassDojo Is The Number One Interactive Communication Platform

Most teachers and parents know how differently kids can behave when they are in school compared to how they do at their own house. This always ends up being the case when discussing behavior in scheduled conferences. For many parents, it is difficult to stay up to date and focused on their children’s school work because they are busy with their own engagements. ClassDojo is an educational platform that is helping improve the communication between parents, teachers, and students everywhere.

ClassDojo is an interactive communication tool that lets teachers and parents stay in contact with each other at all times of the day regardless of where they are. The app is simple to use and download for quick access the schools classroom where parents can monitor the activity of their kids. The app is compatible with most devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Parents are able to instantly check up on ClassDojo to see how they kids are progressing and see videos as well as photos of their moments in the classroom. Kids who have the active involvement of their parents are much more likely to become engaged in their school activities. Currently, ClassDojo is helping connect parents and teachers in more than 180 countries and in 2 out of 3 schools in the US.

ClassDojo is also useful for parents to stay up to date with the upcoming school events and holidays since the app is always updated with school information. Instructors are also able to send out messages to all participating parents of the school to inform them of any school activities. These features will help everyone become more involved with school and transform it into a more positive environment.

ClassDojo is currently using the best technology available for their app, and will continue to upgrade it as technology develops in the future. With all the advancements in this generation’s technology, ClassDojo plans to continue on their path to increasing the overall quality of education through this technology.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, founders of ClassDojo, have expressed how happy they are with the positive effect their app is having on the school environment. With a passion for helping students, Sam and Liam are happy to see more parents and teachers becoming engaged with their students on a daily basis.


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Fabletics Shares Its Athleisure Beginnings With Marie Claire

Fabletics was really the first company that offered athleisure clothes to women around the world, but now everyone has those kinds of clothes to sell. Kate Hudson opened Fabletics because she wanted to be sure that all women could dress as easily as she did. She would look at her clothes and wonder why it would take so long to get ready, and she preferred to wear something comfortable that would be easy for her. That made her feel better, and it helped her have a nice time leaving the house in the morning.

Kate Hudson actually started a movement that helps women feel great because they are allowed to wear athletic clothes out of the house. This is a major revelation for these women, and it is very important for all these women to have something that looks good that will take them anywhere they want. Every woman who thinks that she can get good results from her clothing will be able to use the clothes she finds from Fabletics, and then she will be able to change when she wants to.

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Women who are trying to wear something that is comfortable can use skirts, tops and dresses that go over their gym clothes, and then they need to make sure that they have all those clothes in their gym bag. That makes it very easy for them to look their best, and they can feel a lot better about themselves because they are using their clothes to get their errands done instead of fussing over them. A woman could out on the town in just her sports bra and tights, or she could use other items from Fabletics to get the look that she wants. Most women are trying to feel great about themselves when they leave the house, and Fabletics makes that a lot simpler.

Marc Sparks Asks: How Could $5000 Help Social Services Impact Lives?

Marc Sparks is a published author, venture capitalist, and successful businessman, extraordinaire. His book, “They Can’t Eat You” which can be purchased on Amazon, clearly outlines his journey to success.

Therein, Sparks tells of his path to business greatness to assist others along their own path to business success. As a venture capitalist, he provides businesses with start-up capital to catapult them to their next level of business.

He has been dubbed a ‘serial entrepreneur’ in reference to his habit of starting and funding many businesses. Marc Sparks sees every person as successful and provides means and support for that success in the lives of as many people as he possibly can. Read more: Marc Sparks – Dallas, Texas, United States, Timber Creek Capital and Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

That is the spirit in which Spark Tank was created. Sparks, working alongside Lynne Sipiora, one who Sparks trusts and respects greatly, believes that the social service sector has within its ranks a fair share of entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

Via Spark Tank, administrators from social services can apply for $5,000 to take their services to the next level, just as the traditional start-up businesses he works with.

The Spark Tank ( application process is simple and the requirements are straightforward. Applicants must have two years of history as a 501c3 organization, provide services to humans and/or animals, and have no political affiliation.

Faith-based entities requesting support for nonreligious purposes may also complete an application. The current round of applications will be due by July 15, 2016. Finalists from this round will present their ideas to the Spark Tank panel, in person, in August of 2016.

The focus of the application is to learn the clear, concise answer social service administrators will provide to the question: “What could you do with $5,000.00 that would impact lives?” The response to that query will most likely yield a winning result if the following key presentation guidelines are considered and adhered to. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

• Use data that is relevant to your program and present that data in ways that clarify the message it gives.

• Use visuals wisely. Make certain they have a clear purpose that goes beyond dressing up the presentation.

• Include the entire team in the presentation. It gives the panelists an up close and personal view of who will be using the funding. It also gives your team a space within which to share the purpose and passion of your work; you become more than completed forms and great ideas.

• Keep all information clear, concise and relevant; use every minute wisely.

Though Spark Tank is conceptually unique for most in the business world, with its focus on social services, administrators who apply are most fortunate. It will be exciting to see how Starks will bless the world next.

Securus Technologies Avail Opportunities for Inmates to Communicate More Effectively

For long, available options for inmates to communicate has always been limited. However as reported on PR Newswire, with recent technology introduced by Securus Technologies, the status quo will change. Securus Technologies is considered as one of the most advanced provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions in the United States. The company has developed devices and platforms that enable inmates to do much more other than just making outbound calls. Today, Securus Technologies has put more than 84,000 such unit into practice.

The units come in a form of video visitation stations, tablets, and unique S-Phones. All of these devices are based on intelligence communication. Thus, they are highly secure and give inmates behind the bars an opportunity to communicate in ways that have never been available before.

In an effort to improve its products and services, Securus released of THREADs 3.1 in its programs. This is the most advanced Big Data analytical tools to be used in U.S corrections, says PR Newswire experts. Introducing THREADs to its programs has resulted in significant improvement in performance. The software also comes with key features such as customizable mapping, real-time data analysis, and context reporting. It is believed that THREADS 3.1 is the most actionable intelligence software tool that goes a long way in providing investigators with focused leads.

Securus can be termed as the most prominent communication-based firm that features extensive experience that spans for three decades in prison market. The company has been looking for new technology to jumpstart new segments for its business. Not only for profit, but also to bring back humanity that has often been stripped from inmates.

In an attempt to rehabilitate inmates and prepare them to integrate back into society after they have served their jail term, it is important they become versant with technologies they will encounter in the civilian world. Thus, the communication units are steps in the right direction. Securus technological solutions have also played a crucial role in improving safety within the prison system and jails. It has also greatly reduced recidivism in prisons.

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Doug Levitt Paints a Picture of the American Situation through his Greyhound Diaries

However, few people follow their dreams and desires. Most individuals settle for what life throws at them even though it does not deliver the desired satisfaction. Usually, this is due to fear of the unknown. Doug Levitt is an American singer who has managed to defy such odds by following his desire to become a musician.

He is responsible for The Greyhound Diaries, which is structured in a similar manner to the WPA initiatives of the 1930’s.The WPA initiatives were supported by the United States government to provide information about the entire situation of the nation during its tough times. In a similar scenario, Levitt moves around the country visiting areas that are not given much attention by the media.

Through his travels inside a Greyhound bus, he interacts with fellow American travelers. Most of these travelers are those still recovering from the 2008 recession. Each person that Levitt talks to has his or her interesting story. Through his travels, he has learnt to appreciate the people in the lower economic classes contrary to growing up in a well-up setting.

An In-depth Look at Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt is mostly preceded by his multimedia project commonly referred to as the Greyhound Diaries. He obtained his education in the prominent Cornell University where he was taught by the late author and astrophysicist, Carl Sagan. Later on, Levitt gained a Fulbright Scholarship that allowed him to get a masters degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics. He comes from a well-endowed family of the former council member of the Washington D.C City.

Before opting for his artistic career, Levitt worked as a journalist and was featured in top media houses such as Reuters, Billboard, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. Upon moving from London to Nashville, he joined efforts with David Henry, who has a reputation for producing records for Guster and Josh Rouse. This collaboration led to what is now called the Greyhound Diaries, which has been running for more than eight years since inception. He has performed in various areas such as the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the Kennedy Center.

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Keith Mann unveiled a scholarship program for professional achiever

The CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann unveiled a scholarship program, Keely was honored to work together with the Uncommon Schools, a series of non-profit high schools, based in Brooklyn New York to institute a program that would provide their low income students with an opportunity to joining a business college after graduating from their respective schools as seniors.

After taking a tour around the school, Keith and a couple of other executive members acknowledged how the students were excited about joining a college after their high school completion. He therefore expressed his excitation too toward helping the students not only to graduate and join a reputable college, but also to progress and make use of their degree certificate. The school also expressed their joy with a counsel member of Uncommon School thanking Keith and Keely for implementing such a grateful program. see for full article.

He wrote the book, ‘Dust ’til Dawn’ and acted as a spokesman at some point in his life.


DIVERSANT LLC’s High Quality IT Staffing Solutions

DIVERSANT LLC is a leading privately owned IT staffing firm that is registered as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. The company majorly operates in the United States and most of its owners are African-Americans. DIVERSANT has a broad range of dependable and accessible IT staffing products and services to offer to its clients, and they include innovative diversity services, IT staffing augmentation, and direct contracting. The goods and services that are provided by the company are based on outstanding strategies and have the primary objective of accomplishing the requirements of the customers, associates, and communities who depend on DIVERSANT. The firm gives its clients appropriate ways out for during serious IT problems by applying consultative designs and relating with them as partners.

DIVERSANT helps its clients by taking the responsibility of acquiring the suitable IT talent for different types of businesses, by employing capable IT experts through its thorough recruitment processes. The company hires IT professionals with the required expertise to develop completely customized software for the clients. DIVERSANT is highly experienced regarding IT staffing and is, therefore, able to match diverse professionals with the correct firms that need their talents. The company has robust relationships with the businesses and individuals that it serves due to its ability to place different IT professionals it the appropriate culture that suits them.

John Goullet is a renewed businessperson, who is part of the DIVERSANT LLC where he serves as a Principal.  Goullet has broad knowledge and experience in developing market drifts, and due to this, he created Info Technologies, which was an IT staffing firm with the primary aim of offering IT solution to the United States Fortune 500 companies. Info Technologies achieved a lot and was ranked as one of the fastest growing 500 companies in the Inc. Magazine. Goullet’s business grew from a small start-up to thirty million dollars in five years. He merged Info Technologies with DIVERSANT Inc. and formed DIVERSANT LLC.

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Talk Fusion Helps Businesses Grow

Talk Fusion launches their 30-day Free Trial of their video marketing products. These user-friendly products can be used with any Apple or Android device and come in nine different languages in over 100 countries. Talk Fusion is an all-in-one Video Marketing Solution that offers products to help you communicate better with your clients. If your company is looking to improve their customer service skills and develop positive relationships, you need to try Talk Fusion’s products.

Some of Talk Fusion’s products include Video Email, Video Chat, Live Meetings, Sign-Up Forms, and Video Newsletters. These products can be used to enhance your business in a big way, but you can also use it to communicate better with your friends and family. The team at Talk Fusion is dedicated to helping your company grow and become successful. They strongly believe their products will help make a difference in your life and for your company as well. With Talk Fusion’s video solution products, they will help your company come up with better marketing tactics, help you stay ahead of your competition, and help you communicate more effectively with potential clients.

What is great about the Free Trial, other than it being free for 30 days, is that you will have full access to all of Talk Fusion’s products. Right away you will be able to use these products and see what works for your marketing strategies and help them become more powerful.

The Founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, wants his clients to be happy and wants to see their businesses become a success. Bob strongly believes that you must work hard to get results and have greater responsibility. He is the type of person you can trust because he stands by his products. Bob also believes in the power of giving back and hopes that this shines through his company. He has given back to his friends, family, communities, and even animal shelters. This is a man who is passionate about what he believes in and will do anything to help make a global change. If you are interested in Talk Fusion and their products, you can find more information by visiting: