Great Achievements of Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike has been a great inspiration to most of the youths all over the world. He has been offering the best services in ICT, investments and many more. For almost 20 years, Mike has been working with private Swiss Banks and was able to make his way from commercial trainee to a member of the executive board in a large Private Swiss Bank. When he was 39 in the year 2014, Mike and his two partners came together and founded the well-known Swiss Start up Factory. It is the leading factory in Switzerland which is independently financed ICT Accelerator.

More about the Swiss Start Up Factory

The factory was founded by Mike Baur together with other two partners back in the year 2014. They have networks all over the world and this enables them to meet all the different needs of their clients. Their main aim is to provide a wide range of services to the Zurich and allow different connections with the rest of the globe. They also thrive to achieve their goals by providing entrepreneurial network which allows them to meet their target as well as their customers’ expectations.

By ensuring they have the best and most experienced workers, the Swiss Start up Factory is able to come up with the perfect ideas on how to provide the world with the best services. Experience is the key to any successful entrepreneur and all the workers in this factory are trained. The factory is able to offer services such as financing, coaching, office space and mentoring to startups. This will help them grow and develop for three months with the help of the best accelerator program.

The CTI Invest for Swiss Start Up

The CTI Invest is the leading platform in financing for the Swiss Startups. it has over one hundred investors and is in the process of organizing events such as networking, match making and also educational events. It has also published its 7th edition in Swiss Venture Guide and also supported private associations for 10 years. Together with the Swiss Startup Factory, the CTI will work closely together to ensure they further develop and grow Swiss Startup Ecosystem.


Mike Baur has shown the world an entrepreneurial spirit of working together with other organizations that share common interests. The Swiss Startup Factory has also helped young investors develop by providing them with the best advice on how to grow their business. By joining hands with other companies, they will be able to offer training to start-ups and experience a wide network of opportunities.

Susan McGalla’s Repeated Rise To The Top

Women exude a sense that they can be trusted, and perhaps that stems from a maternal essence, or some other mysterious place, but wherever it comes from, it serves them well in the boardroom. All the talk of unequal pay and women disproportionately not being represented in the hierarchy of corporate America is becoming a thing of the past. Women are rising, in record numbers, into positions of greater and greater authority nowadays. Pay is equaling out, and women are having greater satisfaction in their roles in companies, both big and small. Source:

One of the women who is making great strides as a leader, and who has even risen to the top of the ranks in a major National Football League organization, is that of Susan McGalla. Ms. McGalla has also been able to rise up through the ranks in the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, rising to the rank of Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. It is one thing to be a woman, and to be getting better jobs in corporate America, but a woman that can rise to the top of a football organization is someone who has something special. Susan McGalla must have fought hard and earned the trust of the Steelers organization, because otherwise she would not have the title she currently holds.

Prior to starting her own executive consulting firm in Pittsburgh, called P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, she had much success in her numerous years in clothing and in retail. She put all of her experience earned from previous positions, and applied all of that to starting her own firm. Back in the 80s, Susan McGallaworked for Joseph Horne, and then she would make a move to American Eagle Outfitters in the mid-90s. It was during her time with American Eagle that she really began to shine, eventually earning the title of President and Chief Merchandising Officer. This was some twenty years ago when issues of women rising to upper echelons of companies was an even harder, and daunting, task.

While at American Eagle, Ms. McGalla also held other titles including President and CMO for the entire brand. Eventually she would move on to greater challenges, mainly being a consultant for the financial and retail industries, but she really established herself during her time at American Eagle. It was there that Susan McGalla learned enough about that industry to be able to privately consult thereafter. She would eventually take a position of CEO at Wet Seal, but back to consulting she would go, leading her to start her own firm. Susan McGalla has had an illustrious career, and it is easy to figure out how she got to where she is today based on the positions-of-power she has been in for nearly 30 years.

NutriMost: Providing Slimming Options To People Everywhere

NutriMost: A Fight For Justice

A company that focuses on the losing of weight for their clients, named NutriMost, has filed a lawsuit against their rivaling company Healthy Living for apparently plagiarizing their video that shows their services and allows future clients to see what their company is all about and how customers have already lost weight with them. Plagiarizing is a method of violating the Copyright Laws set up in the United States, in which one person or company cannot use another source’s work without referencing it and stating where they got their source of information, and is quite unethical, and can also lead to legal consequences.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Healthy Living has done just that. They took the video and changed it so that it seemed that it was their own, removing almost all references to NutriMost. However, they left some things in that is sealing their fate. In the video, they failed to remove the customer feedback for NutriMost as well as a message from their top testimonial from Dr. Ray Wisniewski of Philadelphia. Both of these videos had his statement in them, clear evidence that Healthy Living ripped their video from NutriMost. The alleged plagiarizing company had the “edited” video up all of the month of September, even after they received a letter warning them to halt their illegal activity. A shortened version of the video was posted as a supposed fix to their situation, which was clearly not going to work.

The video has since been removed and NutriMost is demanding an over $300,000 compensation for the violation of their rights, and with good reason as the company suffered a loss of reputation at the stealing of their video.

NutriMost: Their Founding And Key Figures

Dr. Ray Wisniewski founded NutriMost to help customers get the most out of their lives, and has helped to invent many body scans that assist clients with getting their bodies to the most desired health that they could possibly achieve. Dr. Wisniewski graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and Palmer Chiropractic University, and has been in the field of natural sciences of chiropractics since 1983. He has been at it for a long time, and clearly knows what he is talking about when he suggests what clients can do to become very healthy.

Another key figure of NutriMost is Dr. Rob Vasquez, the leader of the NutriMost branch in San Antonio, Texas, and started as a customer himself of the weight loss company. He is one of the leaders in the chiropractics world in the northern area of Texas. He has been a chiropractor for over 16 years, and has helped many families help live healthier lives. He is able to offer his services with NutriMost under his Pastoral Medical License. As a Christian, he uses his belief in God to help his clients through the NutriMost program, which helps clients eat more healthy foods, and lose some weight in the meantime.

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Why WEN Cleansing Conditioner is the Best Choice for Fine Hair

We all have different kinds of hair, but those with fine hair often need a little bit of extra help. Fine hair can be troublesome when it comes to washing and then styling because the hair loses volume so quickly when heavy shampoos and conditioners weigh the thin fine hair strand down. On the other hand, shampoos and conditioners that are too light to remove product build-up can also create flat hair with stringy and oily strands. WEN hair cleansing conditioner, along with the cleansing shampoo, is the best choice for fine hair and can help you create lasting beautiful styles every day.

WEN Cleansing conditioner is great for people with fine hair who shower on a regular basis and want to make sure that their hair isn’t oily, but also make sure that their hair has more natural volume. WEN cleansing conditioner gently cleanses the hair strands making sure that all product build-up is removed.

The key to this particular brand, however, is that the WEN conditioner formulation can be easily washed out of the hair. This means that your hair is left in a natural state without any excess shampoo or conditioner to make the hair heavy. While thicker hair might be able to handle a thicker shampoo and conditioner, fine hair cannot.

Another one of the amazing aspects of the WEN cleansing conditioner is that it adds natural sine to hair. Fine hair in particular looks best with a dewey shine that helps the hair to look healthy. This also aides in styling where both straight hair and curly locks have that glossy glamorous shine. Using WEN cleansing conditioner is one way to get the Hollywood look for much less while maintaining the health of your hair. You will also notice how great it feels when your friends, family members, and coworkers all compliment you on your gorgeous hair. Wen is available on Total Beauty and the sephora beauty market.

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