Wengie shares healthy hair tricks

Wengie outlines a number of tricks to keep your hair maintained and in good health. She recommends taking Sugarbear vitamins that assist in keeping hair shiny, strong, elastic, and prevents hair from breaking. Wengie notes that the key to healthy hair is omega acids, vitamin c, vitamin a, and keeping your brush clean. A clean brush prevents the old oils that remain on the bristles from getting reincorporated into your hair. Simply use a kitchen skewer to remove the excess oil from the bristles and then soak your brush into a bowl of hot water and shampoo. Utilize a toothbrush to scrub the brush so that it is squeaky clean for the next use.


Wengie looks to keep her hair soft and manageable. A trick to do so is to press a dryer sheet on top of your brush. Once secured on the brush, comb through the hair with the dryer sheet and the end result is softer hair that lets off a great scent. One can prevent their hair from getting too dry by adding a bit of coconut oil to it. Take the coconut oil and melt it in a microwaveable bowl. Using a small paint brush, gently add the coconut oil to the hair and then massage it into the scalp. By doing so, the coconut oil will add volume to the hair. One will want to let the oil set in the hair for 30 minutes after combing it out and then wash it out by taking a shower.


After taking a shower, Wengie warns not to scrub your hair dry with a towel as the friction that is created will damage the hair. Instead, the correct way to dry hair is to gently pat it down using a t-shirt since the fibers are much smoother than that of a bath towel. Wengie recommends tying the t-shirt around your hair once one has finished dabbing it down to get the hair completely dry. If one struggles keeping bobby pins in their hair, spray a bit of hair spray on the pin which will add a bit of tackiness to it so that the pin stays securely on your hair.



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