Into the Life of Cassio Audi as a Viper

Cassio Audi is one of the most celebrated financial investors in we have in Brazil today. However, behind the success of the man is a great desire and passion for Music in particular, Pop/Rock. Though little is documented about Cassio Audi’s music industry, it still is still one of the greatest moments in life and one that still influences his success until date.

Mr. Cassio Audi’s music career debuts back in 1985. After having several attempts with other bands, Cassio was able to find a home in Viper. The Vipers arguably still remains one of the best boys band in the Brazilian Music industry until date. This group comprised of Cassio Audi- drums, Pit Passarel- bass, Felipe Machado- guitar, Yves Passarel- guitar and Andre Matos.

After the formation of the boys’ band, Viper would get a rare chance to meet with “Praça do Rock” host Celso Barbieri. Mr. Celso and his show were the current direct rock music influence in Brazil during the 1980s. With some strong conviction, Celso was able to give the Vibers two days to display their talent in the SP Metal project. This opportunity gave the group greater visibility in the Brazil allowing them to sell to their fans.

The Vipers first album came in 1987 and was known as “Soldiers of Sunrise”. This album was a great hit in the Brazilian heavy metal music scene and in some parts of the world. Continuing with this success Viper launched their second album the Theater of Fate in 1989 that composed of more mature musical sound.

Cassio Audi fall out with the Vipers came the same year of their second album release. After this break out Mr. Cassio Audi joined college to pursue a degree in finance that would later shape the later part of his career. Even as Mr. Audi enjoys a successful financial investment career, we cannot fail to appreciate his contributions he made to Vipers and how it helped shape his career. The passion and love Cassio had for his music career still guides his operations to date.

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