José Borghi Struggled to Win His Acclaim.

The nation of Brazil is the birthplace of a world renowned Brazilian advertising guru who goes by the name of Jose Borghi.

Jose is recognized globally for his great contribution to the advertising commercial community, with his amazing piece “Mammals Parmalat.” The commercial was about a group of children who sang highly popular Brazilian songs and danced around the stage while they were wearing the costumes of stuffed animals. The commercial became so widely popular that it brought to Jose much attention and praise all over his homeland. Mullen Lowe Brasil on Facebook .

Jose studied for his career choice at the PUC-Campinas, which is a well known and truly respected university for the Arts. He obtained a degree in Advertising, and this greatly assisted Jose with moving forward with his career. While Jose was just a boy and before he attended high school, he struggled with the notion of what to do for a living once he eventually left high school. This was a very hard decision for Jose, until one day when his sister dragged him out to a theater that was presenting highly acclaimed advertising videos.

The theater showed videos that were commercials, which had all won beautiful trophies from the Cannes Film Festival. The commercials were beautifully artistic and highly moving to those who watched them, even Jose. After the presentations were completed, he had already decided for himself the career choice that would best benefit from his genius.Visit

Once Jose became a man, he left college to work at Standart Ogilvy, and achieved enough success to form his own business with his friend. They formed BorghiErh, and continued to gain positive attention throughout Brazil. Later, Lowe and the Mullen Group bought out BorghiErh and changed the name to the Mullen Lowe, which continues to be a famous Brazilian advertising firm.

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