Securus Technologies Avail Opportunities for Inmates to Communicate More Effectively

For long, available options for inmates to communicate has always been limited. However as reported on PR Newswire, with recent technology introduced by Securus Technologies, the status quo will change. Securus Technologies is considered as one of the most advanced provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions in the United States. The company has developed devices and platforms that enable inmates to do much more other than just making outbound calls. Today, Securus Technologies has put more than 84,000 such unit into practice.

The units come in a form of video visitation stations, tablets, and unique S-Phones. All of these devices are based on intelligence communication. Thus, they are highly secure and give inmates behind the bars an opportunity to communicate in ways that have never been available before.

In an effort to improve its products and services, Securus released of THREADs 3.1 in its programs. This is the most advanced Big Data analytical tools to be used in U.S corrections, says PR Newswire experts. Introducing THREADs to its programs has resulted in significant improvement in performance. The software also comes with key features such as customizable mapping, real-time data analysis, and context reporting. It is believed that THREADS 3.1 is the most actionable intelligence software tool that goes a long way in providing investigators with focused leads.

Securus can be termed as the most prominent communication-based firm that features extensive experience that spans for three decades in prison market. The company has been looking for new technology to jumpstart new segments for its business. Not only for profit, but also to bring back humanity that has often been stripped from inmates.

In an attempt to rehabilitate inmates and prepare them to integrate back into society after they have served their jail term, it is important they become versant with technologies they will encounter in the civilian world. Thus, the communication units are steps in the right direction. Securus technological solutions have also played a crucial role in improving safety within the prison system and jails. It has also greatly reduced recidivism in prisons.

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