ClassDojo makes it Easier for Teachers and Parents to Stay Connected

Remember those pesky parent teacher meetings that happen once a semester when you were still just an adolescent in grade school? Everyone has experienced these meetings at least once or twice in their life. Now you’re a parent with an adolescent and these events are really cutting into your schedule. You may be finding it hard to attend these meetings and receive information about your child’s performance in school. What if told that these kinds of meetings are on the verge of extinction? That there was an app in the works with the goal of making parent teacher meetings obsolete. Would you be interested?

ClassDojo has invested over $20 million in a tech venture that will make communication between teachers and the parents of students more consistent, so that it’s much easier for parents to keep up with their child’s activities, social and behavioral development at school. The app will even allow teachers and parents to communicate throughout the school day.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, co founders of ClassDojo, have confirmed the app surpassed the Series B round in late 2015. According to the company’s cofounders the company is still in the act of figuring out what kind of content and features will be the most helpful to parents and teachers.

ClassDojo was founded on the basis of creating free, and easy to use technology that would help connect teachers, parents, and students, forming a culture and community. This was a relatively new idea at the time, because most tech companies were more focused on creating digital curriculum, grade books, and testing platforms. Even though ClassDojo is a revolutionary company, companies like Remind, FreshGrade, Nearpod, Kickboard and others serve as more than worthy competition.

These days ClassDojo is reportedly used in 85,000 schools by teachers in the United States. Most teachers who use the app teach kindergarten through 8th grade classes. Even though the startup hasn’t generated revenue yet, the company is optimistic in their task of distributing its app to more teachers and parents.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The company is a 25 employee startup based in San Francisco. The startup has raised $31 million in venture funding to date. ClassDojo creates a positive culture within school classrooms.