Wengie’s YouTube Journey

Youtube has become a platform for many people to share their lives and knowledge. Beauty guru Wengie, has personally used youtube to share videos about beauty, fun, and life. Wengie has done very well on youtube as she has created over 3 hundred videos and has over 4 million followers.

One video Wengie posted was a “Draw My Life” video. This video gives the viewers some background information on her life. In 1986, Wengie was born in china, soon after that, her parents moved to Australia leaving Wengie behind. She was raised by her grandparents and her nanny; at the age of four, she flew to Australia to live with her parents. She remembers crying when she met her parents because she didn’t remember them.

Growing up, Wengie’s family was quite poor as they were trying to establish themselves in Australia. At the age of seven, Wengie’s parents got new jobs and the family moved to Sydney Australia. Elementary School was very hard for Wengie because she was so shy. During her final year of high school, her mom gave birth to her younger brother Jim. Money was still tight for Wengie’s parents so they couldn’t afford to send her to college. She applied for an accounting scholarship so she could go to university. She received the scholarship and proceeded to go to university. After university, Wengie got an accounting job at a big business; however, her heart was not in her work and after four years she resigned. She then became a social media consultant and soon had 12 clients. She loved her job and decided to start a blog because it gave her more insight into her social media consulting. Her blog became very popular which prompted her to start a youtube channel. In August 2014 she quit her job, as a social media consultant, and became a full-time youTuber.

Wengie has put a lot of work into becoming who she is today. She brings her viewers so much joy with her positive, honest, upbeat videos. She gives thanks and love to all her viewers as they have been so beneficial in her YouTube journey.


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