Mr. Brian Bonar is not a man who plays around…especially not when it comes to the area of finance, which is his primary bread and butter, his reason for getting up and putting on the suit every morning, his exemplary area of expertise. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Finances are what drive this man, what mold this man, and what carry this man and his company through numerous successes on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis! Finance: he lives it. He breathes it. He IS it.

First of all, who is this exceptional and unique man of greatness? I will tell you! He is none than the Chairman and Corporate Executive Officer—or CEO—of Dalrada Financial Corporation….a company which is known for excelling in true financial achievements and unique accomplishments. Mr. Bonar is, in this great organization, both ‘large and in charge’!

Speokeo, an online source of news and journal/article content, is not oblivious to this information and knows it well. In fact, just six years ago from today—on the twenty first of July of 2010, an article by this particular company was published online.

The article was in honor of Mr. Brian Bonar and of his achievement, hard work, dedication, and well earned recognition.

It is true after all, folks….you do in fact reap what you sow. This was the case with Mr. Bonar, who has received the “Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year” award in 2010, in the special area of finance. This is considered a highest of high honors.

Mr. Brian Bonar was proud, and continues to work hard since then, only perfecting his craft and game all the more…giving the company and employees a reason to push forward and to be no less the best of the very best of the very best indeed!

It appears that Mr. Brian Bonar did not just magically arrive at his place of high honor and achievement overnight….oh no! Mr. Bonar has been a financial expert and employee himself for slightly over thirty years, and he has been with Dalrada Financial Corporation for over fifteen years in his current position as Chairman and CEO.

This is something to brag about! It speaks of Mr. Bonar’s continued loyalty, perseverance, support, and overall team spirit! What a source of motivation, folks! What a team player who does not give up! That is Mr. Bonar!

I bet this information has piqued your interest and whet your appetite just a bit….but are you not hungry for more? Do you want to know a bit more about this man by following the link and reading the full article for yourself, as well as researching Mr. Bonar and Dalrada Financial Corporation? Of course you do! Who would not want to?