Clay Siegall’s Cancer Eradicating Powerhouse, Seattle Genetics

In a recent article with Inspirery, Clay Snowfall elaborates on his company’s latest cancer treatments, why he left his last job, and the future of Seattle Genetics.


Mr. Siegall stated that his career began after an experience he had as a young man. A family member got diagnosed with cancer and Clay got an up close look into the patient’s struggles with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. After that experience, Mr. Siegall saw the need to change the way cancer is treated. Clay has made finding more effective, less harmful cancer therapies his life’s work.


Mr. Clay Siegall graduated from George Washington University with a Ph.D in Genetics. He also holds a bachelor’s in Zoology from the University of Maryland. After graduating, Clay started working as a cancer researcher for several different, successive companies (Bristol- Meyers Squibb, National Cancer Institute). After years of having his breakthroughs patented by those companies, Mr. Siegall decided to start on his own company, so they he could advance cancer treatments and keep the patents on his discoveries.


Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 and started out as a very small company with just a few researchers. Under Clay’s leadership, Seattle Genetics has grown into one of the best and biggest cancer research facilities in the nation, generating over $350 million dollars thus far. Seattle Genetics was the first research facility to create antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). ADCs will seek out and join cancer cells and then destroy them from the inside out.


Seattle Genetics holds the patents to it’s ADC, ADCetris, and this drug does very well in the treatment of some kinds of cancer. The company works with other pharmaceutical companies, licensing the ADC technology to these companies to further research and discovery. With a small stable of other profitable medications, Seattle Genetics is able to continue it’s cutting edge research and development into cancer treatments.


Mr. Siegall’s goal is to provide, safer treatments to cancer patients in need. To read more about Seattle Genetics, please click here.