Susan McGalla’s Thoughts on Succeeding as a Female Entrepreneur

Women who are aiming at building flourishing entrepreneurial careers have access to numerous source of advice. Unfortunately, most of these sources are either fake or pandering. Susan P. McGalla is a leader in the realm of consultation services provision. She is the founder and executive head of P3 Executive Consulting, an industry leader in the provision of branding, talented management, operational efficiencies, and marketing. Ms. McGalla is an international known name in the public speaking circles. Ms. McGall has spoken to many audiences, ranging from Pittsburgh’s Women and Girl’s Foundation and the Speaker Series for CEOs held at Carnegie Mellon University.


Ms. Susan McGalla was lucky to be raised by parents who offered her unwavering support and encouraged her to express herself with confidence in every situation. She was brought up alongside two elder brothers. She did not receive any favors, especially from her football coach father. Her parents considered gender has neither helpful nor impeding when it comes to succeeding in life. Therefore, Ms. McGalla has enjoyed working with both men and women. Her ability to communicate her ideas with confidence has been helpful to her success. Immediately after receiving her BA from the recognized Mount Union College, Ms. McGalla joined the workforce of Joseph Home Company as a junior employee. Her breakthrough came after she joined American Eagle Outfitters back in 1994.


Ms. McGalla’s sentiments


According to Ms. McGalla, she became an employee of American Eagle when it was a male-dominated company with no women holding executive positions. She worked hard, and a couple of years down the line, her efforts paid off. During Ms. McGalla’s tenure at American Eagle, she led a team of devoted employees to create a successful and inspiring corporate culture. She served in several management posts at the company, eventually ascending to the chief merchandising officer and managing director positions.