The Life Of George Soros

George Soros was born on August 12, 1930. George Soros lived in Hungary during the time that it was occupied by the Nazis. In order to protect his son, his father brought forged papers and hired a Hungarian citizen to claim George as his godson. While many would think this would be a very unhappy time for the young boy, George actually describes it as the happiest year of his life.

George Soros Time in England
After three years, George’s father was able to reunite the family in England. George attended the London School of Economics. While there, he was introduced to the ideas of Karl Popper who was teaching there. George would later declare Popper his spiritual mentor. After graduation, George became quite proficient at international arbitrage while working at a local brokerage.

Moves to New York City
In 1959, Soros moved to New York City, and he was married a year later. While there, he was introduced to the ideas of prominent socialist Michael Harrington on Biography, and leftist Allen Ginsberg. Many of the programs that Soros supports comes from these two men’s ideas.

Creation of Management Funds
After being in the United States for a decade, George Soros created the Double Eagle Fund. Its name was eventually changed to the Soros Fund, then the Quantum Fund before finally becoming the Soros Management Fund.

George’s funds quickly grew. Once he felt that he had all the money that he would ever need, he slowly started giving it away before creating the Open Society Foundation in 1993. According to their website, the goal is to create vibrant and tolerant societies that are open to participation by all people. Today, the foundation supports more than 20 programs on Politico.

In the United States, the program focuses on the poorest communities. In those communities, programs have four main goals:

Make the government more accountable to the people
Create a fair criminal justice system
Improve the economy including a higher minimum wage
Increase participation by people of color and immigrants

George Soros has led an interesting life. In his writings, he says that he sees himself as a god. He has the money to try to help improve many different situations.