Fabletics And Demi Lovato Promote The Idea That Self Care Is Fashionable

When people work out, they often wear clothes that are rather boring. It is not necessarily their choice because almost all of the athletic clothing companies sell the same exact items. There is no variety in the types of clothes that are offered. Therefore, people have very little to use for their own self expression. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics has decided to take a different approach with activewear. For one thing, it has been proven that clothing actually has an effect on the mentality of the wearer. Therefore, a lot of effort has been made to give people items that will actually bring out a greater workout from them.


Fabletics as a brand is also created to send a message to people. This message is that of inclusion and self acceptance. This is a great message to send and it takes a special type of person to send it out. This person is Demi Lovato. She is someone who is active in the fight for teenage girls that have been marginalized. She wants to encourage them to take action to build the lives that they want. Among the messages that she is sending is the message of being positive about their bodies.


Demi Lovato is also known for her sense of style. At the same time, she does what she can to take care of her body. One of the reasons that she is involved with Fabletics is that she is always active. Therefore, she wants to be stylish while being active. She desires that others have the chance to live an active lifestyle while wearing the types of clothes that they like. For one thing, being able to look at beauty is something that is inspiring. Wearing something beautiful brings out even greater feelings when one is mindful.


Demi Lovato is now part of the Fabletics movement which is about fashionable freedom. Fabletics wants to send an empowering message to women. Demi Lovato herself has shown herself to be a voice of empowerment for women. She has battled and overcome a lot of struggles and has shown herself to be an inspiration to women everywhere. With Fabletics, she can show women that they could dress well and not worry about spending too much money. Fabletics is definitely about making high fashion affordable so that women can improve their sense of self worth without having to spend tons of money.

5 EOS Flavors That Will Keep You Lip-locked

It’s not hard to see why EOS lip balms have been rated one of the best brands on the market. These natural lip balms are packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients like Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil; keeping your lips soft and smooth for each kiss. The following 5 flavors are so delightful you’ll find yourself licking your lips all day for the taste of it:

Sweet Mint

This classic flavor is one that everyone can enjoy. The moment you glide it on your lips, the refreshing essence will make your partner eager to try a taste.

Summer Fruit

EOS lip balm is bursting with moisture and flavor. EOS combined the fruity flavors strawberry, blueberry, and peach for a Summer-twist.

Passion Fruit

Want to make your lips – and your partner’s – feel like your kissing in a tropical paradise? Passion Fruit could be the right choice for you.

Strawberry Sorbet

No need for dessert when you’re wearing Strawberry Sorbet – unless you’re hungry. All jokes aside, this flavor will make your kiss irresistible.

Pomegranate Raspberry

This berry flavor is so enjoyable users find themselves having to reapply because they keep licking it off. Matching its fruity smell, the sweet taste will leave your partner craving another kiss.

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While it isn’t recommended for you to go on a taste-test of lip balms, EOS’s natural brand are hypoallergenic, paraben and petroleum free; meaning you won’t have to worry if you and your partner get a little carried away.  See this on ulta.com.  Any of these choices will keep your lips flavorsome, beautiful, soft and smooth. The lucky person you kiss will be begging for another taste.  Check on ebay.com for more.

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Three Awesome Eos Lip Balm Flavors

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Lip Balm has quickly proven to be one of the most reliable, effective, and flavorful lip-care products on the market. Chapped lips are no match for the remarkable, all-natural vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter composition boasted by Eos Balms, and tons of customers—including celebrities like Demi Lovato, Hilary Duff, and Jennifer Lopez—have found this point to be true.


Besides being dermatologist-approved and carefully composed of only the finest ingredients, Eos lip balm Lip Balm comes in a large variety of delicious flavors. Exactly which of these flavors are best is a point of contention amongst Eos fans, so hopefully the following list of widely enjoyed Eos varieties will help out individuals interested in selecting an ideal Balm!


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Blueberry Acai

Although its delectable taste may cause some to consider eating it, Blueberry Acai Eos Lip Balm is in in fact best served on one’s lips. The precise blend of all-natural blueberry flavoring, as well as hints of acai, are sure to impress the taste buds and leave a lasting impression upon users.


Honeysuckle Honeydew

Since playing second fiddle to cantaloupe for the better part of world history, honeydew has grown tired of not receiving the same respect as his orange cousin, and now, the flavor experts at Eos and the underrated fruit have struck a deal.


Honeysuckle Honeydew is a tasty and refreshing balm that mimics the flavor of actual honeydew incredibly well. Like the aforementioned Blueberry Acai flavoring, many users will consider eating this balm, but once again, this is not recommended.


As a good rule of thumb, remember that Eos lip balm goes on the lips, while food goes in between the lips.


Vanilla Bean

Vanilla tastes great, smells great, and is great, so what’s not to love about Eos’s Vanilla Bean Lip Balm?


The precisely blended Eos balm maintains an absolute sophistication and pleasure about it, while not becoming overwhelming like so many of the competitors’ products. The result is an effective and enjoyable lip balm that can be applied without issue anytime of the year, anytime of the day, and at any location.


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