Keith Mann unveiled a scholarship program for professional achiever

The CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann unveiled a scholarship program, Keely was honored to work together with the Uncommon Schools, a series of non-profit high schools, based in Brooklyn New York to institute a program that would provide their low income students with an opportunity to joining a business college after graduating from their respective schools as seniors.

After taking a tour around the school, Keith and a couple of other executive members acknowledged how the students were excited about joining a college after their high school completion. He therefore expressed his excitation too toward helping the students not only to graduate and join a reputable college, but also to progress and make use of their degree certificate. The school also expressed their joy with a counsel member of Uncommon School thanking Keith and Keely for implementing such a grateful program. see for full article.

He wrote the book, ‘Dust ’til Dawn’ and acted as a spokesman at some point in his life.