Cameron Clokie is a High-Profile Reconstructive Surgeon from Canada who Coaxes Bones to Grow

A man who constantly wonders what life would have been before the invention of high-speed drill and regenerative medicine, Cameron Clokie is a highly skilled doctor from the city of Toronto who specializes in reconstructive medicine and surgery. Dr. Clokie is a Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon at the University of Toronto. As a leading professor of reconstructive surgery, the doctor is reputably known for practicing the full range of treatment procedures that bring about bone regeneration. He has a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) which he got in 1985, but he completed his specialized training in 1990. He crowned his career achievements in 1992 by acquiring a doctorate (Ph.D.) in the regeneration of bones associated with the interface growth of dental implants from McGill University.

As an accomplished and skilled clinician, surgeon and lecturer, Dr. Cameron Clokie is a much sought-after expert in Toronto City and all over Canada where he is well known as a leading professional in his field. He is a respected medical personality who has brought numerous innovations to the surgical reshaping of jawlines. Apart from surgery, he widely carries out scientific researches, and he has published many internationally acclaimed papers and journals in medicine. Not that alone, he is also a serial entrepreneur who is the CEO and President of Induce Biologics Inc., which is an organization specializing in developing innovative solutions in regenerative medicine for musculoskeletal reconstruction.

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In 1998, he was named the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery by the University of Toronto, and later he was designated as a full professor. For over three decades, he has been involved in clinical practice and academic dentistry. Dr. Cameron intends to retire from active practice this year, but he is still instrumental in bringing about strategic alliances with other similar organizations on He has been a member of the scientific advisory boards of many companies besides holding more than 25 existing and pending patents in bone reconstruction techniques and healing.

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