Brown Modeling Agency: A New Standard

The Brown Agency is a modeling and talent agency located in Austin, Texas, helping to pair talent with large brands such as Louis Vuitton and L’Oréal since it was founded in 2010. For models and talented individuals looking for representation in the greater Austin area as a means of acquiring more jobs in the media and entertainment scene, the Brown Modeling Agency offers the expertise and professionalism required.

They have a reputation of selecting and grooming only the best talent and a track record of thousands of successful campaigns with countless brand name organizations, and their models have been featured on such prestigious runways during New York Fashiok Week and Miami Swim Week.

The current acting president of the agency, Justin Brown, founded the the Brown Modeling Agency in Austin as an extension of the Brown Agency family in 2010 and it has quickly taken hold in the community and has an risen to become the new standard bearer for the area.

Brown not only has experience signing, representing, grooming, and booking models, he also has experince as a model himself, having done a number of fit modeling jobs while studying business management in college.

His degree combined with his real world expletive in the industry is what makes his agency unique and competitive in such a crowded industry.

So if you’re in the Austin area and you’re looking for the expertise and guidance of a dedicated and professional team willing to put your career goals first and help you become a success, look no further than the Brown Modeling Agency.