The Importance of Online Reputation Management to Hotels

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is extremely important for all businesses, but especially those related to travel and hospitality. The vast majority of vacations, long-distance travel and other situations where the hospitality industry is concerned are premeditated–unlike other industries there is a relatively low occurrence of impulse purchases. According to the website Online Reputation Reviews, customers are more likely to do thorough research prior to making a purchase, in which case negative press and bad reviews are far more likely to sway their opinion.
There are two major forms of ORM when it comes to hotels–managing and optimizing reviews on travel sites like google and tripadvisor, and making sure that articles about your hotel on both local and national news sites are positive–but this article will focus mainly on revies, since they are both more plentiful and more likely to be seen by perspective customers. According to an article on Hospitality Net, there are many advantages to active ORM in regards to customer reviews and public reputation.

Some of these advantages are obvious, but there are some that may not immediately jump out to you if you aren’t yourself active online. Paying attention to your online reputation helps to inform you of the sorts of things that are actually important to your customers–the things that they are focusing on in there reviews are also the things that you should be focusing on to improve your reputation with the public–and therefore to tailor your operations to your customer base. ORM also allows you to keep an eye on the habits of your customers, knowing how and where they talk about your business allows you to target others in those areas. ORM also allows you to keep an eye on your competition, see how they may be mentioned in your reviews and what factors give them an advantage in the online world.

Why are all of these things important, though? Well, beyond helping you to attract customers more effectively, a positive, tailored experience will also allow a business to charge more for their services without being seen as overcharging the customers. ORM will not only allow a business to attract more customers, but it can help to increase the perceived value of your services.