Securus’ Role In Helping Executives In Correctional Facilities Across The States Combat Continuing Crimes

Securus is a reputable communication firm that services prisons and correctional facilities across the United States. They help more than 1.2 million prisoners in more than 3450 facilities. Every week, the company develops new technological solutions to provide specific services to prisoners and staff residing at working in the different areas. The chief executive officer of the enterprise stated that Securus is committed to helping the legal body of the States crime and criminals who use more advanced technology to operate. On October 21st, Securus published several comments that express how various customers appreciate the benefits of using their platforms.


Thousands of inmates, employees, and families openly expressed their gratitude to the services and pointed out exactly how they benefited from them. One of the commenters stated that he and his team used the phone call services to investigate a corrupt staff who was introducing contraband to the prisons. Jail administrators across the States use Securus to fish out staff who break laws. Apart from that, Securus investigates suspicious activities inside prison cells, such as the use of alcohol, circulation of drugs and money, past crimes and illegal cell phone possession. The prison staff is acutely aware of the importance of the LBS software. One of the staff stated that the LBS software helped investigative officers locate and collect illegal properties owned by Securus.


Correctional facilities have used Securus’ services and devices for more than ten years. The top administrators believe that without Securus, they wouldn’t have enforced the law as effectually as they have now. Securus helps the equitable society advance their mission of improving public security and the correctional facilities. In 2016, Securus sent out an open invitation to existing clients and previous customers who would enjoy viewing some of the devices they use to prevent and solve illegal activities, at their 2016 showcase in 2016.