So How Exactly Did Sheldon Lavin Manage To Grow OSI Group, LLC To The Success It Is?

A glance at the career of Sheldon Lavin reveals a man who has seen the very pinnacle of business success. Sheldon Lavin is many at the top of OSI Group, LLC. OSI is one of the largest private company in the US. The company processes meat products such as bacon, hot dogs, cooked beef, chicken and pork, ham, and bacon just to mention a few.

Lavin began his career more than four decades ago as a financial consultant of Otto & Sons. This role came shortly after Sheldon’s success as an investment banker. Sheldon grew Otto & Sons into the present day meat-processing brand, OSI Group. Initially, OSI was a McDonalds’ supplier of meat, but over time the enterprise has rapidly grown to have a global presence. The OSI Group, LLC. is a conglomerate of several entities such as OSI International Foods, LLC., and the OSI International, Inc. Learn More Here .

Sheldon Lavin has been able to build an enterprise culture at OSI Group and considers his close to 20,000 employees as members of his extended family. To Sheldon, human capital is the biggest resource to business.

Sheldon’s journey in the food sector began in the year 1970. Otto & Sons, the company that later metamorphosed into OSI Group, got a chance to be one of McDonalds ‘Midwest supplier. Otto needed funds to enable it to build a meat-processing factory. Lavin was tasked with the responsibility of securing funds for the venture. Sheldon carried out this work successfully. When Otto & Sons required a replacement in the management, Sheldon Lavin took that role. In the year 1975, Lavin had become part and parcel of the business. He upped his stake at the company by becoming a partner. Sheldon then grew Otto & Sons into OSI Group. More Information Here .

Over time, OSI Group has been able to expand its operations to the North America, Europe, and Asian markets. In the year 1980, Sheldon bought half of the stake at OSI Group to become one of the biggest shareholders in the company. In the year 1993 one more partner retired from the business leaving Sheldon with 100 percent stake in the enterprise. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award.

Sheldon then resolved to grow the company into a multi-national or else he would go back to being a finance and investment banker. True to his resolve, the company has weathered storms to become one of largest privately held company in the United States of America. for more .