Experience The Greyhound Diaries in Photos, Writings and Doug Levitt Live Appearances

Born the only child of two parents in the political arena in Washington DC, Doug Levitt grew up in D.C. amidst the media and buzz that fills the nation’s capital. He began his career as one from this environment might think, he was a foreign war correspondent stationed in London, England. He stayed there seven years and returned to the United States. He began working in a campaign to register voters for the following president, and fate took over.

He traveled from unknown city to unknown city on a Greyhound bus where he rallied for the people to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

When the campaign was over, Doug continued on his own, encouraging people along the countryside to vote. Within a short time, he was hooked. He was addicted to the conversations with the common, lower income people that he met and the unending stops of the Greyhound bus. Talking to the thousands of fellow travelers he encountered, it became a way of life.

Doug Levitt traveled over 120,000 miles on a Greyhound bus in 13 years. He said that it was no longer the conversations for him, but an unquenchable interest in this way of life. The final result of his treks back and forth across the country is the incredible “Greyhound Diaries” that Doug produced from his experiences.

Documented in film, photos, writings and his one-man shows, he reveals the part of society that is real and exists beneath the glitz and glamor of the media and the middle and upper-class lifestyles.

The Greyhound Diaries is the simplicity of a man, his guitar, and camera meeting people and seeing the countryside all on a Greyhound bus. On his last trip, Doug sat next to a neo-nazi, and, when interviewed, he says that it is not uncommon to sit next to ex-convicts after being released because the state prisons offer a Greyhound bus pass back to the town they were arrested in.

Doug attributes his unique personality to his father committing suicide when he was a teen and has shared his Greyhound Diaries with hundreds of thousands.